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What is Pizzagate?

The news media have reportedly debunked the accusations stating that there is no way that powerful people are paying for “pizzas” made of human flesh…

But the ghastly claim is claimed to be backed up in CIA code words for pedophilia which were used by the now infamous Podesta Emails which were leaked during the 2016 presidential campaign of Hilary Clinton.

Possibly One of The Most Shocking Video Clips That You May Ever Watch.

Watch as two young children from the UK explain, while being interviewed by their mother who was then estranged from her husband, what their father, the policeman, and the social workers do to them and to each other…

Their case was brought to trial in the UK and was dismissed by the judge and full custody awarded to the father! He claimed the wife was mentally unstable. He then took the children and emmigrated to the US…they are now reportedly living in the LA area. But the twins would be teenagers, and their whole family is living under a false identity.

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