A King Cobra Global Attack – Stu Peters and Dr Brian Ardis

by Apr 12, 2022News in General

Snake Venom & COVID, is There a Connection?

A former retired Chiropractor Dr Ardis, who lost his father early in the COVID outbreak began by studying what Anthony Fauci recommended and the hospital prescribed for his father during his fight with COVID, Remdesivir is a toxic substance, and has been now approved as the only treatment for COVID in the hospital, and now for outpatient treatment. Hydroxychlorquine has been banned and black-listed, along with monochlonal antibodies, and most recently ivermectin.

Listen to the most astonishing claim being made against big pharma, big government, and big corporation.

WE NOW FIND THAT COBRA AND CRATE SNAKE VENOM provide the most resilient MRNA for vaccine use!

What is a Monochlonal antibody?

They are Anti-venom and they do work AGAINST COVID 19?


BUT the federal government has now banned their use in treating COVID in the United States?


Early genetic findings point to Chinese Crate and Cobra Snake