Allithea Featured Content – Abducted Intent, a personal evaluation of mankind’s condition and a pathway of healing provided.


  1. Introduction
  2. Thoughts?
  3. Contrast between civilizations
  4. A Society that indoctrinates
  5. Love is not;
  6. Sustainable love
  7. Abducted
  8. Ego
  9. Indoctrinate Superior
  10. Humility
  11. Sovereignty
  12. Free from;
  13. Indoctrinated humans
  14. What is the meaning of life? 
  15. Population boom
  16. Decide the future
  17. Critical evaluation
  18. Imposter
  19. Is there Hope for Humanity?
  20. Debt cancelled


Mesmerizing/Un-Conventional Perspective!



History and future of existence in a compelling case study.


Unconventional thinking is like kicking a beehive, (challenging indoctrination), getting stung, producing loads of honey!

1. Introduction


I had an incident that landed me in the hospital, causing a surreal experience that left me with a flipped view of humanity, seeing past indoctrinated programming, that had me questioning everything, daily revelations that inspired recording what I’m sharing here.




[Since I’ve only met a few humble, courageous individuals, that are open minded, critical thinkers, who trust their evaluation skills, who’ve been on a journey to purge previous indoctrinations, reveals generations of tactics, lifetime of brainwashing, becoming astute to mindsets that built fortresses, strongholds that need to be de-programmed, remove explosive natures, fascinating, starting with a journey of new downloads that bring understanding which liberates, while puzzling how thoughts were strategically planted to cause maximum destruction. Now the brain is on heightened awareness, processing thoughts that were taken as normal, simple reality, not realizing the tilt causing nature, sensitivities deep underlining subconscious responses. I love the nature of emotional offenses that flag land-mines, triggers that can explode! Therapy identifies and defuses any destructive force.]




There has been extreme apposing responses to this resource as revealing underlying agendas of indoctrination, especially those who take it personal because it relates to something they see as their identity, they will either hate what’s being shared, reject it, not respond, or they will love it, find it liberating, and hopeful… What you dislike, another will appreciate, it is fascinating. 




I’ve been accused of repeating myself, well that’s because that’s how we were indoctrinated and brainwashed. Also I’ve noticed sharing this resource can speak over people’s ability to discern, understand, comprehended due to their life of conditioning and limited mindsets, that’s blocked them from critically evaluating thoughts they never fully considered. Trust in time things will be revealed. I’ve had an experience that transformed my ability to entertain how humanity was seized through subtle stages of indoctrination.









We are born with innate behaviors (Pavlov’s theory), extreme swings in experiences, a life of indoctrinations, emotions, added injustices, traumas, on top of a force to distract and manipulate communication, cause misunderstandings that attempt to broadcast conflict and chaos, spiritual illiteracy, one doesn’t recognize, or willing to face, or own (denial), makes us complex beings, that we’re not able to understand.




Insecurities makes us vulnerable to being triggered by emotional land minds, religious abuse, false constructs of SELF, false teachings and beliefs. If you recognize any of these, pursue humility, ask a therapist or spiritual care counselor how you should perceive this, if you start this journey you will eventually be like minded with the source of peace and love.




Conventional thinking, conditioned programming, parroting cultural mindsets, revealing a lack of critical evaluation and thought, brainwashing that has shaped humanity; SELF-consideration, verses consideration of others, striving for SELF, opinion’s with no depth of revelation, or un-conventional wisdom.




Inconclusive theories, with No evidence of critical evaluation, deductive reasoning and grounded conclusions, it’s just opinions, theory’s, emotionally wounded response, with evaluation there’s No truth, No peace. The more someone attempts to convince one they have awareness, over-compensating behaviors, the more it reveals they don’t.




CAUTION: this resource can expose unresolved suppressed emotions that can rise up.




WARNING: If one shares an opinion or idea that someone may hold a different perspective, in a mature/secure society everyone is able to express their opinion, and trust their critical evaluation skills, unless they’re an ideologue.





If you disagree, please give the courtesy to listen, it’s amazing what you might learn instead of being close-minded, offended, leading to censoring, punishing, cancel them out. If you would like to read more…Click the Button Below to download the full e-book for free right now. 




Book Reviews

“I just finished reading your book. I found your writings extremely interesting. It appears to be something you have spent a lifetime thinking on and really captures your evolving thoughts on the human conditionI found it refreshing that you called out the man-structured vs divine-structured within society. I don’t think we talk enough about the artificial construct of life and how it distracts from personal and societal development.”
– – – 
“Interesting and well written. I really enjoyed it and it’s on point.”
– – – 
“I was truly touched by many things I read. I was encouraged to look inward and start accessing myself on certain points of review you mentioned. I also agree with this type of perspective/thinking. It was refreshing to hear.  There are many things I need to work on and reading this has reminded me of those things. Which need to be a priority to overall love better and to work on refining myself and my decisions. It is an enlightening piece of work.
It’s nice to have a reminder that there is beauty in simplicity, that there is peace in simplicity
Anyhow, It’s straight to the point even though it is a lot of information.  Overall it is very well written in my opinion. I feel I can see your heart through your words, maybe some struggles; current and past, hardships you have learned from and have obviously refined are apparent. 
Excellent job!”
– – –
“WOW!! I Love what you wrote!👌 It seems from my perspective you have a very clear understanding of what it is to be fully aware / fully conscious. Our behavioral patterns hold us back.”

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— Author Kevin Devine

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