Agenda 21 Expose’

by Nov 4, 2015News in General

The Progressive / Communist Agenda 21…

Have you guys ever heard of Agenda 21?

Does “Sustainable Development” sound bad? It seems like a nice concept…however it means that you can’t do anything on your own land until you receive approval from a “governing body”, think elections don’t matter? We are already living under agenda 21 type policies here in our own King county, WA.
Find out why we should oppose this agenda. Right and Left alike.
The 9 Principles of Agenda 21:
CONTROL of the Air, Ground, and Sea…
Control of the Air by regulating carbon emissions
Control the Ground by “Sustainable development” policies
Control of the Sea by “Environmental Regulations”
The 9 Principles of Agenda 21:
• Move citizens off private land and into urban housing.
• Create vast wilderness spaces inhabited by large carnivores.
• Eliminate cars and create walkable cities
• Support chosen private businesses with public funds for sustainable development
• Make policy decisions that favor the greater good over individual rights
• Drastically reduce the use of power, water and anything else that creates Carbon Pollution
• Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of democratic processes.
• Increase taxes, fees, and regulations
• Implement policies meant to incentivize a reduced population.