Ascend to the Truth About Who You Are.

by May 6, 2021Christian worldview

Who am I?

If only we could rise above the simplistic, neanderthalistic, view of humanity as a some random product of chance and natural selection over millenia of time. If only we could trash the severely limiting and debasing reasonings, cutting through theories of current scientific explanations of existence and begin to realize that humanity is so much more.

Our human physiology is so far above the meager scientific explanations as to be laughable. Our genetic code, our own DNA operates on 4 bit processing language, which is exponentially more vast than anything our current, largest supercomputers use. Top scientists proudly deny the divine and so wrestle with mathematical probabilities that cascade over the realms of reason in trying to explain the most basic systems of life.

You and I are literally made in the image of the divine. Rather than being random accidents enslaved to basic natural impulses with which we forge our roads ahead, we are rather, painstakingly crafted works of art, each one an unique creature, the pinnacle of the created order, literally the “poema” (ancient Greek for “God’s Poem”) of life. But you say “not I”, “I am less than nothing”. But in reality we are to begin with each winners in the race to be conceived, triumphing over billions of others—and that before we ever even had a conscious thought! The God who claims to have made us states that He knew us before we were born, that He knows the number of the hairs on our heads, and that He alone knows the end from the beginning, and in another place He states through His inspired prophets that He created us for good works that were created for us to do from before time began!

Rejoice oh man, rejoice oh woman, you are a child of The Most High, and you have an eternal destiny in relationship with The Creator. Even if you are right now an enemy of God at heart, filled with hatred for Him and everything He stands for…however even now, If you will today accept the fact that He claims to have made you, accept that He says that we all require a cleansing, a repentance or a turning around in our thinking, a healing from the deadly virus of sin which each of inherited, passed along from our first parents, and that He has made a way for our cleansing by our simple belief in the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ who died on the Roman cross and who as Himself God, is paying our debt to God, paying for our release and securing for us the right to become sons of God.

So now today if you hear His voice…put your faith in Jesus, and be baptized in water for the forgiveness of your sins declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God The Father raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved. You can do it now.

And the Benefit is Forever.