Is there no Creator, is it simply a life force, were we seeded by alien life forms eons ago?
Or, could it be, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth simply as a backdrop to an incredible adventure, as an expression of His Love, He created Apex beings much like Himself, only not existing outside of time and space as He does. And rather than making them robots He gives them the most amazing gift – to “be able to choose to love Him back or not”. He then spends all of a 6000 year history “introducing” us to Himself, in the hope that we might “trust” Him, carefully tailoring history to incrementally expose us to His ways. He doesn’t “force” Himself on us by overtly revealing His Awesomeness, but He used His creation, the heavens and the earth and it’s creatures and systems. We come to understand faithfulness by observing the sun, moon and stars in their patterns, He then uses a man, first Adam, then Seth, Enoch, Abraham, and Moses, to introduce us to His ways, then a whole people group, the Israelites, through whom He teaches us His laws, and finally He sends the ultimate expression of Himself in the form of one of us. This Man/God demonstrates everything about the mysterious Godhead perfectly, precisely fulfilling every law He had ever established, and then astonishingly takes upon Himself the wretchedness of our own rebellious personal choices so that they won’t be held against us, granting us each, individually, a perfect relationship with Him forever to anyone who “chooses to receive” the “free gift” of grace through Jesus Christ. Billions of stars, an endless universe, a tiny speck of a life-supporting planet is nothing at all to Him. The Book that He wrote to the people that He made, by inspiring men through His own Holy Spirit, who is one other mysterious aspect of the Godhead, says that on a day coming when God sits to judge the world that the entire earth and heaven will simply vanish!
The interesting part is when you read Quantum Physiscists, they claim that the way the particles in the universe are so incredibly, precisely ordered that if they varied a percentage of a degree one way or the other the universe wouldn’t simply change—it would literally cease to exist!
No, Atheist and Agnostic the mysterious Godhead who orders the particles of the Universe by the power of His spoken word is introducing us to Himself and the present reality is our time for choosing what we will say about Him given the evidence presented…and this choice is His gift to us all.