Bass Fishing – Swimbaits, tactics and tips

by Aug 5, 2022News in General

The Swim Bait / Glide Bait is an incredibly effective lure for BIG Bass, Here are some pro-tips on ways to use them, where and how to fish and what to expect.

Where to try them:

Made for fishing clear water trout and Kokanee lakes
Best conditions and time for biggest bass is mid day full Sun and no wind!

Gear Recommendations:
8” Savage gear with stinger -rtf
Coconut With purple flake
(Ready to fish)

Jsj silicone
Fish slow
Rig it weedless

Best Hard bait glide baits for more
Open water
“Bait sanity explorer” 10” ish
One of the best ever – fish wide slow glides with a two twitch now and then
They hit the second twitch

Hard bait “cover glides” for fishing around docks
Shine glide – shad
Sneaky Pete – 6
#1 Bait sanity – 6”
Gantarel – smaller ones

Soft bluegill
Savage gear bluegill
Mat lures bluegill
Hammer tail

Hard bait bluegill
Gantrelle (standard size) and gantrel jr
Slow 3 or 4 cranks then a pause

Loomis 966 swimbait rod
Power crank on the reel (tranks 300)