Big Leaf Maple Syrup Production

by Mar 3, 2022Maple Syrup

Tapping Big Leaf Maple, Testing the Sugar Content.

(50 litres of sap makes one litre of syrup.)

Tree selection, production, Big Leaf makes very aromatic syrup.
Trees can give over 100 liters of sap in one season and as little as 10 litres per season. If the tree is not a producer cut it down for firewood.
50 Litres of Sap Makes 1 Litre of Syrup. ($75 to $100 per Litre Retail)

Market far exceeds demand. Sales in Enumclaw Farmer’s Market in August.


Various syrups are desired, Apple Maple is biggest seller, Blackberry Maple.


Size of operation based on size of evaporator.
they run 2000 litres of sap per year equals about 40 litres – times $100 per litre = $4000 per year.

Downsize is a lot of labor involved, lots of firewood, you can make wages for two months per year you are working.

Sap flowing season late Nov through early March.


$1 per bottle, includes labeling