Cancer & Parasites, is there a Connection & an Inexpensive Cure?

by Nov 4, 2023Cancer

Vet Saves Cancer Patient’s Life!

Dog Dewormer – Fenbendezole

Suffering from small cell lung cancer which had spread throughout his body, he had been sent home to call hospice and die, but he stumbled upon a tip suggesting to try dog dewormer (specifically Fenbendezole), and now, 3 years later, he is cancer free.

Now we are not suggesting this treatment is effective and safe particularly when combined with existing treatments you may be undergoing with your oncologist. However aftyer spending over 1.2 million dollars to unsuccessfully treat his cancer Joe Tippens was cured using a $5/week fenbendezole treatment.



Q: Why has this treatment NOT been broadcast and used widely? It is readily available and 20 years out of patent. There is no financial benefit for any corporation to study it so that it would be approved for human use. 


All Type Cancer CURED in Mouse Study Using Fendbendezole

Scientist at Merck

Studying cancer treatments Accidentally stumbles upon 40 year old widely-used drug to be a CURE for many types of cancers in mouse study…

Joe Tippens Online Blog
From Edmonds, Oklahoma

Read the Actual Protocol that he Uses Currently.

Joe’s Vet Med friend shared with him a story based on woman who had had a brain stem cancer used it to treat it and 12 weeks later she was all clear!

Anthomentic (wide-spectrum anti intestinal-parasite drugs)

Joe ordered his from:


Joe Has been taking fenbendezole:

• 3 days on 4 days off, and under 200mg/day, plus,

• Vitamin E (Improves effectiveness of fenbendezole)

• Curcumin 80% uptake into blood

• CBD (non-THC CBD)

• Fermented Wheat Germ (Clinically proven in German studies)

The research that shows liver damage is based upon bird testing where they are administered thousands of times that per day.


Update from October 28, 2021

Fenbendazole 222 mg (1 gm of Panacur™ or Safeguard™) per day every day. Note if you are using liquid – most liquids are 100 mg/ml.

You would take 2.2 ml of the liquid. Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 1™ – 2-4ml 2 times a day Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 2™ – 1-2 capsules 2 times a day only when you are off chemo.

Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 3™- 1-2 capsules 2 times a day if you are trying to starve your cancer of sugars.
ONCO-ADJUNCT is Available Here.

In related news – repurposed non-cancer drugs for starving the cellular pathways to cancer growth.

How to starve your cancer