Communist Insurgency in the US 2020

by Sep 21, 2020News in General

The Communists are Coming, The Communists are Coming…

It sounds like the alarm from The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere for our generation…an alarm that has been rising since well before the days of disgraced US Senator Joseph McCarthy. A groundswell of an ideology that aims to make all men equal, but in a different yet profound way from our founders understanding…

Equal in outcome.

The stunning recent events in the United States of America have seemed other-worldly, even fantastical, however the ideological radicals in America and the globe have long practiced the tactic of national overthrow towards totalitarian ends.

From China, North Korea, Vietnam, African warlords, to the Arab Spring, to the Turkish uprising, and south American “freedom fighters”, to the recent Ukrainian uprising, even a revolt in Russia! Something called a “Color Revolution” happening and is well underway in the United States.

Media | Academia | Politics

3 pillars of power that are infiltrated and then used to foment radical ideas, and push an extreme marxist agenda. Since the early 1900’s these institutions have been co-opted by people who hold to an ideology that seeks to, “fundamentally transform,” America, to create a narrative that seeks to undermine the Judeo-Christian roots of western civilization. The underpinnings of this ideology finds its origins in satanic rebellion. Instead of working hard with our own hands and seeking the best for our fellow man It foments envy, and covetousness—theft by means of subjective law.

What is our response as the Church of God? As the Prophet Dimitri Dutuman warns below, the situation for America is bleak, if we continue to cast off the restraint of God and seek our own desires we will surely suffer the consequences that so many other empires have. America will burn.

Our only hope is to turn back to God, change our own minds, begin to put God back on the pedestal of our hearts, bowing to His will for America. As the Famed Micah Mandate states: “Do Justice, Love Mercy and to walk Humbly with our God.” 



Romanian Prophet

Watch living martyr Dimitri Duduman as he explains the prophecy for the United States of America.