COVID-19 Vaccination, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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Long-Haul COVID — a “Planned” Mass-Extinction Event?

The incredible experience of the COVID 19 outbreak of 2020 has been nothing short of surreal. Once free nations became lockdown centers while citizens were terrified to die of the “rona”.

A mad rush for a vaccine, the typical answer in western minds for all ailments, a pill or shot that will “fix me”, was on!

Trump claimed that by his leadership a vaccine was fast-tracked to market in record time, and though some mocked, the results were that at least two made it to market in late 2020. One by Phizer© and one by Moderna©, both of which were not found to be free of controversy.

The following videos are incredible interviews with doctors and scientists who are calling into question some of the main-stream narratives surrounding the entire ordeal.

First of all this is not a vaccine:

Its is a synthetic Messenger RNA encapsulated and attached to PEG’s, which allow the MRNA to last, when normally it would be destroyed by the body.

This MRNA will change the human genome on the cellular level, it will act as a MASS enflamatory in the human body.

This vaccine will actually murder anyone with inflamatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, parkinsons, chronic Lyme, and others.

Government health leadership have advised those who are invalid, or elderly, or have cancer should be first in line to receive this vaccine. They are seeking to eliminate the vulnerable first.

The Tony Fauci Cover Up?

According to claims made by Molecular Biologist/Virologist Judy Mikovits, Dr Anthony Fauci, whom she worked under, minimized and according to her testimony, brazenly covered up findings that she and her associates stumbled upon when researching the causes of the Aids outbreak in the 1980’s. Cliff notes; Covering up the practical cause of Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord!

The COVID 19 planned outbreak, along with the Vaccine treatment, has been introduced onto the global population in an effort to, rather than save life, to actually reduce the overall numbers in a way that allowed for “plausible deniability” toward the instigators.

It’s called long-haul COVID, a mass-extinction event, your body will be increasingly unable to produce energy, your mitochondria have become injured. You will become more and more prone to inflammatory disease exacerbated by stress introduced through immune suppression by mask mandates and fears of catching the virus.

It is the quintessential “crime against humanity”.

See the link below with Judy Mikovits.

And the other link from Dr Sherri Tenpenny who explains the way the vaccines work – for the layman.


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