Covid was Patented in 1984?

by Aug 6, 2021News in General

Testing always was the key, the rona was patented in 2001, along with the testing method, the general “plan” for the use of a pandemic to bring the entire world into global control was laid out in 1984—but they lacked the tech to make it happen.


Enter the PCR test.

The test was always ONLY able to detect “coronavirus” AKA the common cold with the goal to crash the economy, lockdown the public, mandate masks, and push 100% vaccination.
If this is such a deadly pandemic then why aren’t the homeless dying?
The PCR test cannot detect the rona, only coronavirus. So positives are the common cold OR the leaked virus from the China lab.
They claim to be following the science BUT show us the science, hard proof, no more anecdotal “studies”,
The rest of the world is up in arms Europe and Australia demonstrating against this lunacy! The governments of the world, instead of serving the people, are making the people out to be the enemy!
Are you vaccinated? Get ready for your next Moderna “dose” to roll out. They want to shoot you up until they control your immune system—as Klaus Schwaab and Bill Gates says they want to reduce the global population by means of vaccines! WTH?
Don’t forget the CEO of Phizer could not travel to Israel recently because he didn’t take his own vaccine!
And get ready for mandatory vaccines. They begin with the Military—Def Sec Lloyd Austin will try and make it now mandatory in the US Military for all active duty.
And now Biden is to require foreign visitors MUST show you were vaccinated or else be tested and held for 3 days prior to entering the US. So we will require visitors from other countries to show proof of vaccination BUT what about the border? Are they being required to be vaccinated and tested? Or are they being allowed to cross easily?
Whoops! The hypocrisy is stunning!
Were you aware that Biden has literally released 7000 positive rona cases into McAllen Texas since Feb, 1500 last week alone!
Let us not forget the Nuremberg Code states that you cannot be made to receive a health treatment against your will, including via pressure from others, particularly employers. You have the complete right to informed consent. This will be shown to be criminal.
AND NOW – Fauci and the crew finally figures out something ELSE that will make him rich while people suffer…the “Rona Pill” which I’m sure will cost someone a TON—but won’t be the 65¢ Hydroxychlorq**ne which they all quickly maligned!