Did God Create the Universe and Earth in 6 Literal Days?

by May 3, 2019News in General

Many Jews and Christians Believe in an Old Universe or Longer “Day/Age” Creation.

Many bible teachers actually don’t believe in a young earth, along with very MANY “Christians”. However this is nothing new to the dialogue. But an interesting tidbit is that you’ll find very few Theologians who advocate for a long Creation, or a day/age theory, or Gap theory of Creation. They rightly understand the bible account painfully clarifies the creation event using precise vocabulary—the Hebrew word for a “day” is very specific—requiring an evening and a morning, which is then re-stated in the text. And the Jews are extremely concerned with the concept of “a day” since it dictates much of their religious observations.
I have no idea how any Jewish scholars or Christian teachers would accept the day/age theory, or why they would believe in an ancient universe—except maybe for pride. But suffice it to say they ALSO don’t believe in Jesus Christ…which is a huge problem.

Our Enemy?

Throughout all history we understand there is an enemy who works against our belief. He is a sentient being complete with a mind, will and emotion, like us, except he is a spirit and bent on our destruction. (Satan comes to lie Kill and destroy) so these “theories” i like to understand as “strong delusions” which are meant to sift the believers from the unbelievers. Jesus is clear that there are very few who ever attain to life (meaning eternal life) even though God is not willing that any should perish, and through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has already provided cleansing for every person’s sin from the foundation of the world. But as Jesus also said, “The verdict is this; Light has come into the world but men loved the darkness instead of the light because their deeds were evil.”

Elegant Logic

For a Christian a short Creation timespan is a simple premise to accept since we believe that God is omnipotent not bound by the restrictions of natural law but He is SUPER natural, meaning above or outside of natural law. So it is very easy for me to accept that God can create everything exactly as it now appears, though it seems to be old, things are not as they seem, but have been made to appear old, just as when God created Adam, he didn’t make him as a baby that grew up. He formed him as an adult man, the same with Eve. The God that I believe in and Who is described in the biblical account is not bound by the dictates of secular science. After all the bible claims many supernatural events which require faith to accept such as: Creation of the Heavens and the Earth in 6 literal days, angels coming to earth and marrying women who give birth to giants, a worldwide flood leaving only 8 survivors, a donkey speaking to a man, a fish swallowing a prophet, the judgments of Egypt, parting of the red sea, a person being born by a virgin, who walks on water, suffers and dies for all of mankind’s sin, who then is raised to life…with many more extraordinary events to follow!!!


Godless people look at the creation (sans Creator) and therefore see it dimly, the bible says that, “claiming to be wise they have become fools and exchanged worship of the Creator for the worship of the creation”, straining to make sense out of what they “observe” they discount the only explanation that makes logical sense because the ramifications are horrific for the rebel… They mock and ridicule those of us who accept the biblical narrative as legitimate, in the end it is as Jesus says…”there are few who find it…” meaning the narrow path to life. So in the darkness they constantly must change and morph their understanding to accommodate the revelations of things such as the red shift, or the apparent “fine-tuned universe”. The biblical account has yet to be disproven, gives an understandable, logical explanation to all of these findings and has not changed in many thousands of years. (I believe 6,000— I just don’t see what’s so difficult to accept.

R Tyler Rogel