Do NOT take the Jab if You Are Pregnant! Pfizer docs reveal jab deadly to unborn.

by Aug 22, 2023COVID Vaccine and Loss of Pregnancy, COVID Vaccine and Unborn Death, COVID Vaccine Injury

Truth Was Tempered during COVID and Afterward!!!

HHS Financially incentivized the COVID narrative, (how they could access federal COVID relief funds) by contracting with Docs and Obstetricians on promoting the federal HHS narrative, on how safe and effective the MRNA vaccine was, and if they told the contrary truth they would have to REPAY HHS!!!

The HHS has literally tipped the scales on truth regarding MRNA and COVID diagnosis! According to Pfizer docs!

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(LifeSiteNews) — Feminist author and journalist Naomi Wolf has doubled down on her assertion that the Pfizer COVID mRNA injection was known to be lethal to unborn babies before being rolled out, declaring that the company’s own documents show it “murders babies in the womb.”

Wolf, a Democrat who decades ago controversially claimed that abortion is a “necessary evil,” shared her dark conclusion about the jab on Steve Bannon’s War Room earlier this month. When challenged by Bannon to back up her use of the word “murder,” which he pointed out suggests “criminal elements” involved in the COVID shot release, Wolf affirmed that the evidence supports this term.