Donald Trump and Christian Issues

by Jul 1, 2016Patriotism, Politics, Worldview Wars

Many Christians that I know are really struggling with Mr Trump as the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee, for some reason they have only listened to the left leaning or GOP globalist side. Here is a brief list of issues, you can see the full list at the link below. Many are fearful that Trump will / is saying these things only to get elected and then will toss them out the window?
Trump is NOW strongly anti Abortion, admitting he has evolved on this issue – Hillary hates the unborn, Hillary says that the unborn have no legal human rights
This is my top issue overall, makes this a no brainer.
How can a Christian vote against this? Even Reagan had a “come to Jesus” moment on this critical issue.
(Long term historical support)
Trump is for guns (lifetime NRA member, though has previously supported an assault weapons ban but now doesn’t, so did Reagan.) – Hillary would not be caught dead as an NRA member
Trump supports Israel – Hillary opposes Israel (though claims to support it)
Trump is Pro Domestic Energy – Hillary is anti Oil, Coal, Gas
Trump is pro death penalty – Hillary is against it
Trump is Anti Islam – Hillary is pro islam
Trump will appoint conservative “Constructionist” justices – Hillary will appoint more of those like Elena Kagan who openly supports Shariah law
Trump is a Nationalist – Hillary is a Globalist
Trump is pro military – Hillary is anti military.
Trump is pro America – Hillary is anti America.
Trump for a wall – Hillary is no wall.
I could go on, but so could you if you want to check out this page which seems to be fairly objective: