Escape The Deception of Tibetan Buddism, Lamaism, & the Tantric Sex Rituals of Hinduism—There is TRUE Freedom Only in Jesus Christ.

by Oct 20, 2021Buddhism, Hinduism, Lamaism

Lost in the Deception…

What was presented to the world about Tibetan Buddhism, actions and intentions to benefit all sentient beings, and holy men in crimson robes committed to peace, seemed to be a good fit, in 1992, for the authors’ personalities, altruism, and their continuous uplifting of others. Until, that is, the dark underbelly of Tibetan Buddhism tried to swallow them. Many previous authors have written about the harm done by Tibetan ‘Lamaism’ (known as Buddhism), and the hidden agenda behind the Dalai Lama’s message of Wisdom, Compassion and Love, but in this memoir the Rubbos bring an urgency to their testimony, updating other’s warnings with their personal experiences. It was the hand of God, the authors came to realize, that plucked them out in November of 2006, and it has taken them more than ten years to write this expos on the violent roots of Lamaism, which is a cult of priest-worship founded on the shamanic, indigenous sorcery of Bn, and the subjugating tantric sex rituals of Hinduism, lightly covered over by a veneer of Buddhism. All of these characteristics of Tibetan Lamaism/Buddhism are still in play today, and has created great harm in the world. The testimony in this book aims to rectify this by shining the light of Truth upon the darkness.