GLOBAL CATASTROPHE!!! Vaccine IS Destroying Our Own Immune Systems, Geert Vanden Bossche Ph.D DVM

by Sep 13, 2021News in General


Geert Vanden Bossche Ph.D DVM,

Past: Sr Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Vaccine Discovery, Program Manager for GAVI, Director Project Leader at Novartis, Global Project Director of Flu Vaccines at Solvay, & Head of Adjuvants at GSK

This video shows Geert passionately calling for an immediate STOP to global vaccinations for COVID! He claims the vaccines are installing new code to battle viruses, however contrary to how our natural immune system works this new system will replace it!

The new system will only focus on COVID and the original COVID and NOT THE NEW VARIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will then be susceptible to any new variant! The new system is producing very powerful overactive, single focused, long-term, antibodies which prevent the body’s own immune system from acting against new variants of the COVID virus.

Del Bigtree gives us an easy to understand sports illustration of what Dr Bossche is worried about.
It’s like your coach saying we know for sure that the runningback is going to get the ball, so EVERYONE keys on that player ONLY, but then a new variant actually gets the ball, and the new antibodies will bully away your good, natural antibodies from attacking the different ball carrier! You are then open to easy infection by any new variant — we are literally enacting gain of function for a mass-killer event from a COVID variant.

We are unknowingly weaponizing COVID globally against all of humanity!

May God Almighty save us!

Put your faith in Jesus Christ for the salvation of your eternal soul today. Believe in who He says that He is the Almighty Son of God who gave His own life so that anyone who believes or puts their faith in Him can be saved forever from an eternity in hell.