Global Child Sex Trafficking, Global Satanic Cabal, Global Blackmail Ring—Eyewitness Testimony Fiona Barnett.

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Governmental Child Sex Trafficking and CIA Mind-Control Exposed

Prepare to be shocked by the testimony of Fiona Barnett. An Australian born woman who endured the harshest of abuse and has survived to tell the world her story. Some of the details will shake the foundation of your world.

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The worst thing about being an inspiration is that you have to be perfect.

— Anne McDonald

Eyes Wide Open is not a biography as such, and descriptive dialogue is limited. Consider it more a reference book designed to meet three distinct aims:

  1. Provide the relevant historical basis for understanding the existence and coverup of CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse, and mind control.

  2. Document my personal experience of this abuse in Australia and the USA.

  3. Offer information for combating the techniques which cults, the military and intelligence agencies use to artificially induce dissociation and achieve radical and strategic behaviour modification. I explain the nature of Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation including the victim selection process, why most therapy is ineffective,

    and why a Trauma-Focussed Integration approach is essential.

    My testimony is scaffolded by the extraordinary research of Steve McMurray who

assembled the jigsaw of faces, places, and relationships I recalled and relayed. Steve’s work features mainly in the chapter MK-ULTRA in Australia. This book would not exist, and my integration would not have been as thorough, without Steve’s research efforts.

The following publications provide a preliminary understanding of ritual abuse and mind control, which my book builds upon:

  • –  Secret Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism (1998) by Carla Emery.

  • –  How the Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (2008) and

    Bloodlines of the Illuminati (1998) by Fritz Springmeier and his wife ‘Cisco Wheeler.’

  • –  A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other

    Innocent People (2002) by Carol Rutz.

  • –  The Greenbaum Speech (1992-3) conference presentation by Dr Corydon Hammond.

    The Bible suggests we may know them by their fruits. That is, we recognise the wolves in sheep skins by the consequences of their words and behaviour. Be they arrogant academic or bottom-feeding troll, anyone who attempts to discredit the above writings is certainly an operative for the trafficking network. Similarly, whoever attacks my book has a vested interest in the lucrative international child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA.

    This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough. The public is welcome to download, distribute and host complete copies of this book version online for therapeutic purposes. Flooding the internet with multiple copies combats the increasing censorship and stops the child traffickers burying this information again.