Global Warming & Mortgages? What the Wealthy Truly Understand.

by Aug 7, 2023Anthropomorphic Climate Change, Climate Change, Global Warming

Why do the Wealthy, People Like The Obama’s, The Pelosi’s, and Many of the Uber Wealthy Elite Purchase Ocean Waterfront Homes in the Age of Climate Boiling?

The age-old adage goes something like, “if you want to find the truth follow the money”…This concept finds its incredible reality in something that many of us have either heard or are intimately aware of—Global Warming. But what exactly is global warming, or better known as climate change, or ACC (Athropomorphic Climate Change) or man-made climate change?

But if we think about it, if climate change was an issue, what would be the consequence of rapidly rising water levels? From a financial perspective? Would banks really want to grant buyers a loan on a property that may be soon underwater?