Global Warming – The reality of the science

by Nov 3, 2014Anthropomorphic Climate Change, Climate Change, Global Warming, News in General, Worldview Wars

Scientific Consensus Have Been Bought Off by Political Activists

Unfortunately the reality of Global Warming is indeed a hoax as Weather Channel Ex-CEO, and scientist John Coleman so eloquently puts it. Regarding Anthropomorphic (man-made) Climate Change the age-old proverb still rings true…”follow the money”. Mr Coleman is currently joined with over 30 thousand scientists who have signed a petition arguing against the 97% “consensus” as it stands, claiming that the models are based on faulty data and skewed to promote a political agenda. It’s true there is a lot of money in the “Climate Change” arena…

As of 2014 the United States federal government issues a startling 2 billion dollars per year toward research for scientists who publish outcomes that support its global warming hypothesis. Mr Coleman make those assertions on CNN here: