Incredible Healing Using 6v Electrode Equipment – DIY

by Sep 26, 2023Health, Health and Wellness

SHOKTHERAPY? Healing Infections with a Battery!

This is an extremely promising device with simple do-it-yourself instructions to make it in minutes at home for almost nothing.  Many people who have joined this group have had great successes with the techniques here and been saved a lot of pain and even life and limb at times.  Please realize that Infections are serious things, especially where drug-resistant germs exist.  This offers a novel way to approach that problem in addition to more ordinary infections. We’ve been here since 2001, this is real, and not a toy.  You can change your email preferences on this page so you receive more, less, or no email. You don’t have to quit to avoid the email, in other words.  The group has few emails usually.

WARNING:  DO NOT use around the chest area if pacemaker is installed.  Avoid too long contact with eyes area, keep it under 10 minutes and not every day. The opinion of the moderator is that you should NOT abandon standard medical treatments in order to do this, as it is still experimental.  Consult your doctor about using this as an adjunct or complement to standard care. 

We call this exploratory research, proof of concept, or case studies, not the final word.  A report filed here should include the steps needed to reproduce the experiment so that others can verify it for themselves.  We encourage you to post your results, it could really help others a lot.  Even if nothing happens or something goes wrong we need and want to know.  We often can help you tune your approach.