Jehovah’s Witnesses

by Apr 28, 2016Jehovah's Witnesses


If you are a Jehovah’s Witness I appreciate your zeal to reach people with the news of the Kingdom, however I want to confront you about some points of doctrine, namely:

Who IS Jesus Christ? (John 1:1) See attached original textus receptus below.

If 144k are already in heaven with Christ, why does Jesus say to His disciples that “I go to prepare a place for you…to be with Me where I AM”, and Paul reiterates that “to be separate from the body is to be present with Christ” And finally as Ephesians 2:6 says “God raised us up with Christ and seated us WITH HIM in heavenly realms”

Why does Jesus allow Himself to be worshipped? (Jn 20:28 Thomas says “My Lord and My God”, Mt 14:33 Jesus in the boat “They Worshipped Him”)

• Jesus tells the Disciples to Believe in Him AS they believe in The Father! (John 14:1)

• In John 8:58, Why does Jesus use the Holy (unspoken) name of God when confronting the Pharisees? “Before Abraham was, I AM”