Michael Heiser and The Unseen Realm – Systematic Theology

by Aug 10, 2022News in General

The Bible is Full of Some Crazy Stuff…Is God The Only God, or are there others involved?

Why is the world in such bad shape?

What was the tower of babel?

Who are The Watchers, or the Nephilim, Gilgamesh or the Giants? And where did they come from?

What was the full mission of Jesus Christ in, “Making All Things New”?

What is the Ultimate Meaning of Life?

Dr Heiser is interviewed on “The Line of Fire” regarding his new book, Reversing Hermon…

An intriguing interview regarding the Genesis 6 account and the implications behind the Sethite View and the Sons of God being fallen angels. Brief definitions of the “Nephilim” etc.

If you are concerned about interpreting the bible according to historical context then Michael Heiser makes and insightful argument.