Open Letter to Senator James Inhofe, ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee

by Aug 30, 2021Government

Dear Senator Inhofe,

I am reaching out to you in great despair because our Son is about to graduate from basic training in the AirForce (Sept 9th, 2021) and the Air base Joint Base Lackland is NOT allowing us to attend our son’s graduation because we will not agree to be vaccinated against COVID! So now my son must stand alone during the final moments of the graduation “tap out” where NORMALLY his mother could be given the honor of touching her son to release him from standing at attention after completing his full basic military training course!

You (hopefully not) and many others may simply respond by saying, then just take the vaccine and you can see your son…but I would argue that in making that statement you betray your alignment with the ideologies of our enemies and not those of the United States of America.

I am appalled and embarrassed at our current armed forces leadership, I pray to The Lord Jesus Christ, if only we had some semblance of true leaders who might stand up against medical malpractice and the global attack of the Chinese Communist Party on our lives by means of this virus. Along with standing against a secondary attack of catastrophic proportions, the overwhelming fear that has caused many to discard American civil liberties for an astonishingly low risk of death (currently less than 1%)!

I fear that we have become an entire nation of immature weaklings who cannot stand firm through even the mildest onslaught of afflictions. God forbid we face a truly formidable enemy! Please, I beg you to reconsider any legislation there may be available, or any possible efforts meant to relax the national vaccine requirements on military bases and to actively bolster the God-given rights of people to accept their own risks, living free in this world of risks, enjoying great adventures, success, AND potential failures, with a spine of steel rather than the cowering spine of jelly.

Humbly presented,


R. Tyler Rogel

Father of 2 US Airmen