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PizzaGate – The Full History Revealed

by Nov 27, 2019News in General

Before we get into Pizzagate, let’s start with the Q phenomena.

Q is based upon the military designation of various security clearance levels, and claims “Q designation” to be the highest level. This clearance is found within the US department of Energy. However this “Q” or the Q-team claims to be a mix of current and former military personnel, United States patriots from various backgrounds, primarily Naval and Army intelligence that have been quietly fighting a long battle against globalist cabal tyranny. Their claim is that they had been forced underground after the Eisenhauer presidency and had attempted to work through JFK, and later Reagan unsuccessfully.

They claim to have, most recently, been implementing a 20 year “plan” which was to have initiated a military coup prior to the election of Hillary Clinton, but because of the willingness of Donald Trump to run for president and his subsequent victory, they have been working through legal channels to “drain the swamp”…They claim to have recently taken full control of the United States National Security Agency and coupled with damning technological evidence compiled through the storage and archival of every digital communication of every person in the world since the dawn of the internet are now preparing to unveil to the world the reality of the evil that has been in control.

This unveiling they call “The Great Awakening”…in the hopes that the fewest number of Americans will be threatened when these long-standing evil perpetrators will be brought to Justice. At this time (12/2019) the Q team claims there are over 130,000 federal sealed indictments awaiting unsealing in a “mass arrest” event that will take place progressively over the course of the next few years culminating with the arrest of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

What is Pizzagate?

The news media have reportedly debunked the accusations stating that there is no way that powerful people are paying for “pizzas” made of human flesh…

But the ghastly claim is claimed to be backed up in CIA code words for pedophilia which were used by the now infamous Podesta Emails which were leaked during the 2016 presidential campaign of Hilary Clinton.

Possibly One of The Most Shocking Video Clips That You May Ever Watch.

Watch as two young children from the UK explain, while being interviewed by their mother who was then estranged from her husband, what their father, the policeman, and the social workers do to them and to each other…

Their case was brought to trial in the UK and was dismissed by the judge and full custody awarded to the father! He claimed the wife was mentally unstable. He then took the children and emmigrated to the US…they are now reportedly living in the LA area. But the twins would be teenagers, and their whole family is living under a false identity.

Liz Crokin Explains Pizzagate

Gossip columnist turned Christian investigative journalist Liz Crokin is a firebrand of trouble exposing what she has found openly available on the wikipedia-released “Podesta Emails”. Having been the vicitm of sexual abuse she turned to Jesus Christ and has changed her focus to exposing the very powerful people who regularly abuse the weak and the fatherless from their safe and secure locations around the world.

She rigorously roots out what she claims are recognized FBI covert codewords for child sacrifice and child torture and human sex trafficking found hidden in these emails which all can now read.

Fiona Barnett Victim of CIA MK Ultra, and Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim turned Christian.

Fiona Barnett grew up in Australia in the 50’s and has an alarming tale to tell about Nazi war criminals, powerful Catholic preists, influential socialites, up to and including the United States CIA and some of the most influential men and women of the world. Here you can watch the documentary about her life called “Candy Girl”.

She also has written an (e-book/pdf) expose claiming to have details regarding much of what she endured, sho offers this for free to any who are interested. See the link below.

Jesse Waters Talks “Q”

Jesse Waters of “The Five” fame asks a professor about the Q phenomena. The prof is not sold on it. You decide!

Ongoing Q Drop Decodes

Here is an interesting youtube channel called “and we know” named for the popular verse in the bible, Romans 8:28 “And we know that God works out all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose”.

Narrator “LT”, a former Marine newsman, reads content that comes from a Q-Anon called “SerialBrain2” who interprets recent Q-posts translating the embedded codes found within the capital letters and time stamps of promoted tweets from various sources.

He is worth subscribing to, here is a link to his channel on youtube: 

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