Planned Depopulation Event

by Jun 7, 2021News in General

With Alex Jones and former Navy Seal-Turned state Governor Jessie Ventura

Labeled a conspiracy theory the concept that elite aristocrats hate mankind’s, “useless eaters”, and are planning a global depopulation event has long been the topic of discussion on fringe websites and sketchy youtubes, but the story is gaining rather than losing support. From strange phenomena such as the Georgia Guidestones to the WHO’s own records evidence for a sinsiter plot against humanity is gaining momentum.

As a Christian it is difficult to discount these claims since we already understand from biblical doctrine that “the world lies under the influence or in the power of the evil one”, as 1st John 5:19 states clearly in the Holy Bible, and that “Those who oppose you have been taken captive by the devil to do his will,” as it also says in 2nd Timothy 2:26, so we can accept the premise that there are men and women who are under the influence of the evil one and are also given much wealth and power, paired with amazing influence and control over the policies of governments and the controlling systems.

As dark and sinister as many of the claims of evil can be we can always rest in the hope that we have safe within Jesus Christ, that He will return, that He will execute His vengeance on His adversaries, and that we will receive an inheritance kept safe with Him that will never spoil or fade away. If you do not know Jesus Christ, you can start the journey — simply believe that He is who He claims to be The Son of Almighty God and Lord of All, and then confess that He is Your Lord and that God has raised Him from the dead. And now begin to read a bible starting in the gospel of John, look for others who can accompany you on your journey and you will be well on your way to everlasting glory.

Presented below is a dramatic report by a man famous for exposing “crazy conspiracies” who also has a checked past and many enemies, but as we shall see from his reporting, he may be closer to the truth than we may have ever conceived.


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