Q and the “Alien” Invasion

by Mar 13, 2019News in General

Ok with this video you may say to yourself this is absolutely crazy, however, as a Christian I understand that what some people refer to as aliens, the bible actually calls, “angels” or “demons” or “fallen angels” or “sons of God”. In Christianity we do not accept that there are other lives ouyt in space, in the way that is spoken of regarding the current UFO or extra-terrestrial phenomenon.

We are at the precipice of the great door being opened to the abyss when the hordes of hellish spirits will be released upon the earth, the only way we can survive and be saved is to put full faith and confidence in the saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ wo died, was burried, and resurrected to save us from the penalty of our sins. This amazing free gift is not limited to a few specified souls but is meant for ALL creation, whoever may believe and call on the name of The Lord. However this salvation is limited to having to pass through the narrow door of the man Jesus Christ.

Trust Jesus Christ with your eternal soul today…He loves you.


The invasion is not simply physical…
As prophesied via a dream given to Rick Joyner, as explained below:

The Vision at Valley Forge

And paired with an astonishing claim of General George Washington’s Vision at Valley Forge, some have discounted this vision (as in Snopes.com, explaining the vision is recounted by an officer who may not actually have served with Washington—so there are historical arguments), however as with many spiritual experiences some disbelieve and others accept. This calls for faith on the part of the saints of God, you decide for yourself. But given the recent events of “caravans” advancing from central America to our southern border, this grants new pause to re-consider the possible validity of Washington’s reported vision.

Backgound of the Vision – Originally published in 1800’s (1859) published in The Stars & Stripes.

We cannot definitely say this is authentic, but it was in fact, printed in the 1800’s prior to the civil war.

3 wars to come for America:

  1. The Revolution
  2. The Civil War
  3. The Foreign Invasion