Q-Anon – What’s it All About Really?

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Q-Anon, The “Baseless” Conspiracy Theory…?

That’s essentially IT in a nutshell, if you only listen to one side of the issue.

However for those who may be interested in a more fuller understanding of the circumstances surrounding some of the most incredible events in America’s history, from witch-burning, to assassinations, to global financiers, to secret-societies, to world wars, to black-ops, to aliens among us…strap in for some amazing revelations.


Q Anon entered the political scene in 2017 on a website known as qmap.pub, with related links to a public server known as 4-chan, or more recently 8-chan, claiming to be a clandestine intelligence information outlet from a group of individuals nicknamed the “white hats”, or what is thought to be a group of active and ex-high-level intelligence operatives, who are privy to a large scope of historical military intelligence stretching from aliens at Roswell to the truth about the JFK assassination, to Nazi’s shipped to America following the war, to CIA black-operations on a global scale including drugs, and human trafficking. These White hats have claimed to have been originally organized under Dwight Eisenhower as an opposition to the growing movement toward global government sentiment of the day, the rising power of global banking interests, and burgeoning military industrial complex. They claimed to be ex-department of energy, hence the “Q” designation, which is the highest level security clearance for that United States Federal Government, and they also claimed to be connected to Naval intelligence as well, but may have been from various intelligence agencies.

Using coded “Q-drops”, or brief hints and partial statements, on the website qmap.pub, breadcrumbs that alluded to certain truths about the clandestine struggle, to be further investigated by others who were interested, to dig into on their own and come to their own conclusions about these political truths which would ultimately be made know to the general public at some point in the future, when the revelation was allowed to be fully released through legal channels. The term used in Q circles of the “Great Awakening” refers to the waking up of the masses to the reality of this great evil which was bent on the destruction of a large percentage of the global population, independent nations, and specifically America, and which has sought to influence much of our global government for many decades and possibly thousands of years under what seems to be anti-Christian, and even open, satanic direction.

For Christians this is nothing new, we all accept and understand that when we believed in Jesus Christ we were immediately cast into a cosmic war raging for the souls of human beings, as we understand from the biblical book of Ephesians it is God’s plan to show to the world the wisdom of God by means of His church, to show principalities and powers, satanic governments of the supernatural realm, the reality that God has won by means of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, reconciling the entire Creation to Himself, and away from it’s bondage to sin and decay which was thrust upon it all because of the fall of Adam.

For this to be a “conspiracy” in the typical definition, implies that people secretly coordinated with others to some agreed upon end. This is fairly difficult, if not, impossible to imagine given the detailed scope of required interaction, however when we add the possibilities of the supernatural the Q phenomena is much more plausible. Which is why many evangelicals may have bought into the narrative.

As Christ-followers we understand that the earth is involved in a cataclysmic struggle for the rule of the hearts of men and women as we read about Jesus being tempted by Satan or how the future of nations would arise in their times according to the Book of Daniel in the Bible. The Father and His ruler which is called The Messiah, or who Christians understand to be Jesus Christ, pitted in opposition to the ruler of this world, or Satan, or the Prince of the powers of the air.

Why do many atheists and non-believers discount Q?

Christians understand that all who are not Christian, who have not believed in God’s Messiah, or submitted to the rulership of Jesus Christ “have been taken captive by the Devil in order to do his will”, or agenda. As the bible declares in 2nd Timothy. So the very ones who oppose any concept of a global struggle against satanic cabal of evil are essentially, unknowing puppets under a greater influence. They are literally unable to understand.

And the declared Christians who discount the Q movement simply have not taken the time to consider the information, or perhaps are embarrassed to be thought to believe in such things. These seem to be more of the “liberal” (meaning left-leaning politically) sort who also have a difficult time with the supernatural aspect of the biblical faith, things like the 6 day Creation account, or the flood of Noah, or the dividing of the Red Sea, or prophecy, or the virgin birth, or the reality of an eternal hell…but as the bible so clearly declares, “in the last days men will not put up with sound doctrine.”


The main points of Q Anon which might be accepted by a Christ-Follower are:

1. The world has been held captive by a deep state, or cabal of elite, evil, leaders who are set on establishing a global one-world government.

This concept is in agreement with the Christian doctrine of end-times, or “escatology” in the Book of Daniel as well as the book of Thessolonians, and Isaiah, and Revelation and others concerning the rise of someone the bible calls “the Assyrian” or the AntiChrist, who will seek to force the entire world to receive a mark of allegiance to him or his system.

The group known as Q Anon seek to postpone or oppose the rise of this global world ruler.

2. These elite often may perform brutal satanic rituals, including human sacrifice, which may include the drinking of blood, and the eating of human flesh. (See the Book of Genesis, Exodus and Joshua from the Holy Bible).

This agrees with the historical, biblical explanation of the practices of the Cannanite kingdoms, such as the worship of Molech, Baal, and Ashtoreth which God notes in the accounts of the wars of The Lord in the Book of Joshua in the Holy Bible.

3. These Elite seek to enslave the entire globe and ultimately exterminate, or “manage” much of the global population. This is a declared goal as found on the public statement of the mysteriously-constructed Georgia Guidestones. “Reduce the earth’s population to 500,000 million”.

A “Mis-Information Campaign”
Along with purported, hinted, truths endorsed by Q Anon, there are also some mis-information which has been proclaimed in order to distract enemy operatives who also follow Q, and who are seeking insights to oppose the “plan” of the White Hats.

One such item is the widely-publicized “Qmap graphic”, which visually connects many strange and fantastical conspiracy theories and is a subject that SHOULD NOT be endorsed by believing Christ-followers. This graphic has been provided by those who are not Christian, but have been involved in the Q-movement for the purpose of ancillary issues such as “alien disclosure” or revelation of the aspect of alien encounters within the United States government.

As Christians we understand there is no such thing as Aliens, in the sense that these people understand them to be, visitors from highly-advanced alien civilizations spread throughout the universe. But we do understand there are many other entities and creatures that God has clearly made, and that these purported “aliens” are actually demonic manifestations, or fallen angels, or possibly even the physical offspring of angel and human sexual contact. (See genesis chapter 6)

At the end of the day the Q-movement does not seem to be satanic and may be encouraged by Christ-followers in as much as it opposes the evil of the globalist system which will endorse the ascent of the AntiChrist and willingly submit to His rule.

If you are interested in seeing more of the information for yourself, it is available to anyone who wants to review it at the website (button link below). You can easily peruse the site by the topics and information that Q has shared publicly.



Q is Back!?

After a 2 year hiatus Q has returned…

Q Returns After Two Year Hiatus: ‘Shall We Play a Game Once More?’

The Qanon conspiracy theory was one of the more unique incidents surrounding the 2020 election, and it appears as though there might be more where that came from.

In the run-up to 2020’s presidential contest, a mysterious internet user known as “Q Clearance Patriot”, (or simply “Q”), began posting a series of cryptic messages to clandestine online message boards.  As more and more users began to follow along, they formed a sort of investigatory network that soon deciphered what they believed Q was telling them:  That a massive, stealth war between Donald Trump and the Deep State was coming to a head.

Then, as Trump’s election loss became official, Q disappeared, only reemerging from the shadows this week, and with a rather ominous reintroduction.

On Friday night, someone with access to Q’s login credentials posted on 8kun, the anarchic internet community where Q last posted in December 2020.

“Shall we play a game once more?” the first post marking Q’s return to the board read, signed “Q.”

The message was written in the same clue-like format as thousands of earlier Q posts, dubbed “Q Drops” by their fans, that led to the creation of QAnon in late 2017.

And then:

The Q poster followed up with two more messages on Friday night. Asked why they had disappeared for more than a year, they wrote, “It had to be done this way.”

“Are you ready to serve your country again?” Q wrote in another post. “Remember your oath.”