Religious Exemptions?

by Nov 5, 2021News in General

INCREDIBLY – The US Air Force has approved ZERO religious exemptions for the Vaccine Mandates!

And now, barring judicial injunction, they have no intention of ever doing so — sadly this entire ordeal is about WAY more than vaccines my friends. We are crafting “super-soldiers”. There is a war that is raging across the globe over the rush to exert primary control over Artificial Intelligence, China is threatening, and the US must counter. The side effect is that you and I by means of a nanotech-laden jab must catch up with the program (just google DARPA Hydrogel). All who refuse will be left behind, marginalized, and browbeaten into eventual compliance. Now we can easily understand why they have used a propped-up (less than 2% deadly) pandemic to push so hard for 100% vaccination. We will be offered more and more “boosters” to face the coming variants…but at some point they will introduce the actual nanotech – part bio part tech/machine. This is already the case actually within the current shots, they include a “bit of code” to trick your cells into creating the famed spike proteins that illicit an immune response. For Christ-followers this all may just be no trouble OR is it the run-up, if not THE actual, Mark of The Beast, or at the very least “the beast system”. May we each consider carefully our choice to join in the rush to AI. In the end you may not even be able to resist the final piece(poke/jab etc). It is the stated goal of the genetic engineers to progressively alter the human DNA and insert reactive and interactive nanotech so as to facilitate the connection to the coming super intelligence (google Elon Musk Neuralink). Money is worthless, data is now king! But you can be guaranteed you will not be able to buy or sell UNLESS you ultimately receive the mark (the proof of membership in the Beast system). And so as in the words from classic Star Trek lore of the dreaded Borg…”your resistance is futile…”