Return to Truth and Justice Rather than Over-Regulation

by Apr 20, 2018Christian Discipleship, Christianity & America

It’s about time we elect conservative, Christian, leadership who will encourage us to return to The Lord, removing such pointless restrictions on military weapons, (pre-1932) reinstate our God given rights to self protection “Life”, free from tyranny, oppression by elitist overseers.
I remember hearing stories of the old timers who would bring back weapons from the wars they fought (WW1, and WW2). That is now illegal because of our fear-filled leadership. Our victorious Warriors SHOULD be allowed to retain the spoils of war, each person whatever they can carry or ship home!
This is freedom, and it’s absolutely absent in our nation of “Soy boys”.
Evil controllers want to subjugate the citizenry to strict laws limiting our rights. They ASSUME we are going to do something evil and act preemptively in fear by crafting ever more “infringing” laws, rather than acting in righteousness by punishing evil DOERS…meaning people who actually DO evil. These people rail against border walls but are actually building high walls of legislation EVERYWHERE stifling the rights of the people (Our current tax code is over 70k pages long!!!). This is government by fear rather than government by righteousness.
This incredible travesty is happening right before our eyes in America with the liberal crying for more, “common sense gun control,” while at the same time failing to punish acting offenders of existing laws! (A PERFECT example was the FLA school shooting, “Promise Program”). They create entire sanctuary states even, places for evil doers to flee from prosecution. Offenders MUST face punishment, and corporal discipline MUST be allowed to return to classrooms.
THIS is an evil done under our sun, at our time, and it needs to be undone.
Return oh America to “Truth, Justice, and The American Way.”
Which I submit is actually “The Christian Way”, as established so well in the Declaration of Independence, with the statement, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL men are created equal and endowed by their CREATOR (Meaning God) with certain inalienable rights,” (Meaning rights that exist self-evidently ABOVE any law that might be crafted).
“Return to Me and I will return to you, says The Lord.”
The Godless will HATE my words however this work is for The People of the Christian God, “The Righteous”, as the Bible states in 2 Chronicles, “If My People who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their sin, then I will hear from heaven stretch out My hand and HEAL THEIR LAND.”