Rezipf – Sponser of the 2023 Grammy Awards!?

by Feb 15, 2023News in General

Pfizer and Rezipf

What’s the big deal? The internet was all ablaze after the 2023 Gramy awards with Pfizer as the sponsor, and incredibly a pop culture artist Sam Smith sang a rendition of his song “Unholy” to the joy of the crowd.

There are rumblings that the name Pfizer can be correlated to the ancient god Recipf or “The Ravager” in the encyclopedia Britannica refernce provided below:



ancient god


Alternate titles: Mekal, Mikal

Resheph, (Hebrew: “the Burner” or “the Ravager”) ancient West Semitic god of the plague and of the underworld, the companion of Anath, and the equivalent of the Babylonian god Nergal. He was also a war god and was thus represented as a bearded man brandishing an ax, holding a shield, and wearing a tall, pointed headdress with a goat’s or gazelle’s head on his forehead. Resheph was worshiped especially at Ras Shamra, Byblos, and Arsūf (later Apollonia, near modern Tel Aviv–Yafo). Under the title Mikal (or Mekal), he was also worshiped at Beth-shean in eastern Palestine and at Ialium in Cyprus. Resheph was usually believed to be related to Mot, the god of sterility and death, but he also seems to have been a god of well-being, plenty, and fertility, and in that respect he may have been a form of the god Baal.