Ritual Abuse Programming, Mind Control, Hypnosis and Multiple Personality Disorder, Cult Exposure.

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An history of modern-day mind control, its origins and practical outworking in society.

Dr. Hammond explains the history and background of mind control by means of Nazi scientists who were captured following world war two and who migrated to the United States along with the rocket scientists that came during the Project Paper Clip operation.

Including the practice of hypnosis and programming suggestive models in satanic religious abuse often at military bases many with connections to the CIA.

Common questions Dr Hammond would ask a patient is, “Is there any programming inside associated with:

Alpha – tends to be general programming, Beta – sexual perversions, Delta – killers/assasinators, Theta – Psychic Killers, Omega – Self destructive, Gamma – Misinformative programming, Zeta – production of snuff films, Omicron – mob/gang activities?”

Shut down and erasure codes are usually a string of specific numbers.


Some highlights of the lecture:

Cult Greek Letter programming acts much like computer programming, complete with a database, erasure, lasers,

Always ask the “CORE” of the individual:

Is there any contact with others?

Is there any recording device inside?


Ways of Creating a Manchurian Candidate

There are multiple layers of programming which happens early in life, by means of dissociated disorder, dividing the mind by breaking the individual into at least 5 levels. Like Sirhan Sirhan who murdered Bobby Kennedy and who didn’t remember any of the murder until he was under the power of hypnosis.

Typically there are layers such as:

Green programming (from a Dr Green).

Ultra Green, and the green tree, is mixed with Kabalistic mysticism, (Book by Deon Fortune “Qabbala”), (Book by Ann Williams-Heller “The Kabbala”), originally Dr Green’s name in German was Greenbaum (“Green tree” in German).


A Clinical Practice of Exorcism.

Ask patients about certain names:

Is there a part named Wisdom?

Is there a part named Diana (The foundation – in Kabbalism)? Diana was known as the Foundation in “The process church”, famed for the “Tate” Manson murders, The Process Church was where Charles Manson came from. Foundation is a part of the “tree” in Kabbalism.

Is there something inside known as The Foundation?

Is there a part called Black Master?

Is there a part called Master Programmer, and there will be many computer operators inside, computer operator “black, computer operator “purple”

Is there a part inside named Dr Green?

You can turn them by telling them they are safe here, the only way out is through.