SARS COV 2 – Is an Enhanced Pathogen, a BioWeapon.

by Dec 30, 2021COVID, Gain of Function, Saras cov 2

SARS COV 2 is a Genetic BioWeapon

“We all find the genome inconsistent with normal evolutionary theory”. SARS COV 2 – Indian Team discovers HIV traces within the new SARS samples, they found traces of Retrovirus (mRNA) using an enzyme called “reverse transcriptase”. When they said it was an mRNA vaccine, it will actually be recombined to human genome and ultimately transform our human DNA.

The Rabbit Hole Runs Deep

Harvard prof. Dr Charles Leiber, was a bioweapon specialist for the US government and was Arrested Jan 20th, 2020. He consulted with the Chinese on developing the Wuhan Lab. He received a contract of 150 Million, and received a monthly salary of $50,000.

Where did SARS COV 2 come from?

It was created in the lab at UNC Chapel Hill, then migrated illegally to Wuhan via funding by Anthony Fauci’s NIH.

The Vaccine Is Complicit

All of the currently available vaccines are Tools of Gene Therapy, a mystery concoction, the vaccine is based within the HIV retrovirus model which uses mRNA to “inject” it’s material to creat the spike protein. We are injecting people with an HIV-type model. In this ground-breaking technology the code injected is the specific bioweapon “thrombogenic vaccine”.

Pressure on This Virus is a Mistake

Mass vaccination during the height of the pandemic causes something known as viral immune escape, it becomes a variant, the vaccine-induced antibodies within the currently vaccinated will become useless against the variants.

This will lead to a pandemic of variants – of recombinations. There are as many as 185 variants already documented as of Dec 2021.

Renowned Vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche, “If we do not immediately stop the mass vaccination campaign all over the world the world will experience a mass mortality event.”