Smart Cities, Virtual, Security & Privacy, Digital ID, Social & Emotional Learning, Sustainable Life, Carbon-Free, Predictive Analytics, Hidden Cameras and DIGITAL ID — Coming to You Courtesy of the World Economic Forum.

by Nov 23, 2022News in General


Why the obsession with secure login, or facial scanning, authentication everywhere, “No Identity Left Behind…” all for equality & inclusivity and so CAMERAS EVERYWHERE!!!?

Facial recognition and social community scores with predictive programming, coming soon…

The critical question is to find out who authorized these cameras, who funded these cameras, can we remove them and live free of them?

it’s actually already being implemented…within the next few quarters or few years you will not be able to “buy or sell” or communicate without accepting the new digital ID system.

All based upon the 17 Sustainable Goals of the United Nations – All about Carbon-free living.
About management and control: rationing of electricity and gas, limiting mobility and freedom, securing total management and control.

Sensorize Everything – Global AI is seeking it all “The Beast System”:
AI Is the beast and the beast needs food – the only way to stop the beast is to remove the data conduits – get rid of the sensors, cameras, data flows.


PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS & PROSCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS, By watching what you do they can Prescribe or influence what you do.

  • Video Selfie’s
  • DATA/Content is the new Gold Rush–Being led by the global corporations.
  • Data on you is “Blockchain”, it will result in the final lockdown of the human race if we allow it to continue.

Former Silicon Valley Engineer / Whistleblower Aman Jabbi explains the coming tech slavery system, identity slavery system…The current tech system must crash and be destroyed and if restarted, to be built upon a Godly solution.

All tech is integrated to track ALL that is around the digital city, if you do not accept the Digital ID you will not be allowed into the new world.



What’s the SOLUTION?

We must change our ways and return to the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ.