Stunning Patents Making News! Anti-Gravity Technology, Zero-Point Energy…Seriously.

by Jan 19, 2021News in General

Too Good to be True

The internet has long been a buzz with many astonishing claims which are either outright lies, missinformation, or dissinformation, sadly always yielding the typical jaded response…whatever.


Yet incredibly what used to be sci-fi, “tin-foil-hat”, stuff not too long ago is now considered old-hat. Take for instance the idea that you could hold in your hand more techno-firepower than a supercomputer of the 90’s! Or that quantum computing could work, or that nano-tech was true, or that people could someday be “uploaded” into a never-dying body!? (Still TBD)

Amazingly there has been hints, trickling out in small bits and pieces here and there, — and now, in more robust claims, with actual technical documentation, advances that literally boggle the mind.

The following are literal patented devices which have been released by the department of the Navy. These were formerly highly classified technology which is now openly offered the general public for retail applications!

TR3B – Anti-Gravity vehicle.
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Zeropoint Free Energy machine.
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Room-Temperature Superconductor.
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These three items coupled together are the beginning of many more classified technology “drops” to come.

The world has changed forever.