Here is a powerful teaching on the gift of God that is for everyone, whoever would ask, for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Many people struggle with this, but it is because we have a “mind block” because of our logical, western mind set. When we pray asking God to give us the gift of the infilling of the Holy Spirit He will enable us to “speak with New Tongues”. This is the physical manifestation that we have received the gift. This is not the “spiritual gift” of “speaking in tongues”, spoken of by Paul in Corinthians where believers bring a message in a “tongue” that would then be required to be interpreted within the church for the building up of the body of Christ. But this is a personal prayer language to God which is for everyone who believes. As Steve will demonstrate in this video, practically when you couple faith with speaking out you can rest assured that the noise produced, even though it sounds strange and incoherent, is praying the perfect will of God for life. Enjoy!