The End Alien Satanic Agenda, Bio Digital Social Programming—the Beast System

by Oct 15, 2021News in General

A satanic agenda to usurp humanity,

acting as a parasite, by the means of nano-tech, trans-humanism, bio-tech, to  disengage humanity from the human soul, and to optimize, or prepare the human being to allow satanic entry.

“…It was given power to give breath to the image of the beast…and to cause everyone to worship the image of the beast.”

One example is that Elon Musk wants to add a bit of a machine into your mind, (see Nuralink) so that you may easily be connected to the Artificial Intelligence that is meant to make you able to harness the full power of 5G and 6G Internet of things technology. The fallen understand that the human body has the most Quantum power of any creature in the entire universe, the globalist demons (AKA “Aliens” by the pop culture), have long envied the human body, they seek to parasitically take it over, to literally possess it for their purposes.

They believe they can take us over literally by means of our social media and some small (nanotech) within our bodies. They have always wanted to invade you since day one, they are considered the refuse of the universe by The Creator (Jesus called them “unclean” spirits), yet they have caused imense harm to mankind.

They want to craft an integration of your personal self and replace it with the digital self, which will replicate, colonize and invade all of humanity. They are using Quantum tech to do this, they have no human emotions, they are cold, they are smart, and they are utterly wicked.


The Creator loves you, the Creator has been watching them, in past civilizations they called these the demons, the fallen, the gods of the heavens.

We are the most special creation and are made in the Image of God, why is there suffering? What is the purpose of being a human? What is coming next?

They will be swept away.

What is required of us, is to simply believe in, “Him whom He has sent.” Jesus Christ The Righteous!