The Great Reset (In their own words) A Government, Catholic and Corporate Vision for 2030

by Apr 15, 2022News in General

EThe Great Reset

Courtesy of The Davos Forum, is an utopian dream set to be experienced by the year 2030. An alignment of big government, healthcare, multi-national corporations, and even the Catholic Church to craft a new way of living. æYou will own nothing and be happy!” So says Davos magnate (executive Chairman) Herr Klaus Schwab…sounds eerily familiar, to some older folks, to another deutchman of recent historical note.

In the Video below Health and Homestead uses the actual images and documents and statements to allow the Davos group to describe what they have in mind for the “rest of us”…

“the Harlot / religious power with the merchants of the earth” Rev 18:23