The Quantum Revolution & Atomic Theory, an Ancient “Alien” Invasion of Humanity?

by Mar 10, 2023Evolution, Quantum Computing, Quantum Science, science

Video 1

Scott Kesterson of the Podcast “Bards of War” describes what may be the greatest deception of all time, wrapped in “Modern Science” and evolutionary theory.

Strap on your tinfoil hats for this deep dive!


AETHEREAL – The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary)


1. The Ancient Conflict 4:36

2. A New Nation 11:00

3. The Cosmic Rewrite 17:30

4. The Quantum Deception 25:49

5. Sorcery Reborn 35:09

6. The Power of the Air 51:27

7. New Age “Zience” 1:12:33

8. Oracles of the Technium 1:28:27

9. The Templum Defiled 1:42:10

10. The Choice 1:47:53

Video 2

Cyrus Parsa explains the end goal for the Quantum delusion—a “Soul-Level” takeover.

What we would consider Aliens, also known as Demons (The Fallen) by many ancient religions, are using secularized, china-based global corporate giant Huawei, Google and many multi-national tech companies are involved in a great deception of humanity, by means of robots, clones, bio-disease, digital ID, a multi-layered attack to ultimately gain “soul-level” access to humanity.

Cyrus A. Parsa is the Founder and CEO of The AI Organization, Loyal Guardian Security and The Social Programming Institute. All created to assist in making our society safer and better. Cyrus has a Bachelors in International Security & Conflict Resolution, and a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security.

He is an expert in China-Iran affairs, and has consulted on Human-Organ Tracking, Anti-Terrorism, Vulnerability, Risk, Asset Management and Emerging Threats to governments, agencies, people and organizations. He lived in the mountains of China with fighting monks as a youth. 20 years of hidden research, and development, with a network of thousands of Chinese and Westerners, allowed for great insight into the threats we face from China, Iran and the Western inter-connectivity.

Cyrus’s discoveries have led him to coin the new concepts of “The AI Global Bio-Digital Network, The Human Bio-Digital Network, Bio-Digital Social Programming, Bio-Digital Field, Bio-Matter, Rape-Mind, Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault & Micro-Botic Terrorism” to explain how the dangers we face, and all the trouble we find ourselves in, are rooted in these almost imperceptible elements that are now connecting with AI, Society, Smart Phones, IoT, and Robotics through one platform. Within this platform, Cyrus found extinction codes.

The “Mind-Rape” of Humanity…

Their goal was the takeover of humanity, But we are made in the Image of The Creator, these usurpers are trying to install themselves into mankind. The Creator has a greater plan—and He has already won the war. Believe, Trust, have Faith into the Savior of Mankind, Jesus Christ.

What Can be Done?

As a human being there is very little that we can accomplish by ourselves, however if we connect with The Creator of the universe, The Lord Jesus Christ, through confessing with our mouths “Jesus is Lord”, and believing in our hearts that God has raised Him from the dead.

Then seek God in prayer for His dynamic word to us concerning the terrors that are coming upon the whole world.

God The Father and Jesus Christ is in supreme control, so we can seek God and discover the right practical pathway through this life.

Turn your mind from worrying over the following myths that anchor our hearts and minds in false fears:

• Global climate change

• Evolutionary origins of mankind

• Global overpopulation

• The glorification of the creation  by worshipping “mother earth” or gaia

• Immorality & Gender dysphoria