US Election Fraud in 2020

by Nov 9, 2020News in General

See Voter Fraud Application “Scorecard” in Action on Live Feed on CNN.

Watch frame by frame as a governors race during a CNN live update on vote counts shows conclusively how 560 votes were added to the Democrat candidate, while at the precise moment the equal amount of votes were REMOVED from the GOP candidate. This is called vote harvesting or adjusting via embedded counting algorithm.

GOP is claiming this “adjusting” or “glitch” has also occurred across the nation in key districts.

The system is purported to have arisen from the DHS database created following the events of 911 called “The Hammer” which collects metadata on every person in the world. Accusers claim the DNC under the Obama administration migrated the system from the NSA to the CIA along with its counterpart application called “scorecard” which was intended to be used to influence foreign election results, but now is accused of having been used in Obama’s 2012 race against Mitt Romney, along with the 2016 Democratic Primary as well as the 2020 Democratic Primary where the frontrunner Bernie Sanders was defeated.



A Fight in the Supreme Court

Everything from dead people voting, to unverified provisional ballots, to mail-in ballots, the 2020 election had all of the earmarks for a hotly contested event. However massive GOP turnout may have pushed the DEM fraud machine over the pale of plausible deniability.