Which Bible did Jesus Read? Hebrew Masoretic Text or Greek Septuagint? Atheists say there is a discrepancy in the dates, Jews say that Jesus cannot be the New High Priest…

by Nov 16, 2022News in General

Hebrew Masoretic or Greek Septuagint?

Thge bibles that we all read and love give us amazing insights into the Life of Jesus Christ as well as historical evidence and referneces for the earliest of believers. However there have been many dietractors over the years, outright enemies of the faith, and those who thought they were doing God a favor…Did someone cook the books, so to speak, in the earliest translations of the bible?

And if so, why would they?

In this study of the ancient texts we see that there might have been some shananigans going on in early 1st century Judea, and there was even a compelling motive…but there is also a truth that we can see clearly – for all who want to Seek The Truth.