Why Trump?

by Sep 30, 2020News in General

Does God Use Sinful People to Accomplish His Will?

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware of the past fillandering, infidelity, arrogant, smug, over-sensitive, vengeful, spiteful, ways of Mr Donald John Trump, AND YET, here we are…in the throws of something on the verge of cataclysmic as a civilization.

Our United States is at the brink, as it were, a tipping point, poised just prior to falling over the cliff of irrelevance in the nations. With little to hold us back save an apparent egomaniacal playboy.

For all of his personal foibles President Trump has, for some, been a welcome respite from our descent into utter chaos as a culture. All one has to do is turn on the barrage of video offerings from Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and the like to see the depths to which we have fallen in such a short time. Since The Advent of broadcast TV came on the scene in the late 50’s our public morality has been in a steady descent, with a veritable free-fall occurring of late, roughly 1990’s.

And then there was Trump…Initially coming to the world stage in hopes of returning America to some of her past economical greatness, of returning some of her coveted governance of the people wrenched from the clutches of a bureaucratic state monolith, of stemming the seemingly endless flow of human trafficking, sex trafficking, drugs and gang violence President Trump stood like the boy at the dike in Dutch fables with his finger in the hole holding back the flood.

Some of his more notable positive efforts for those on the right include:

His corporate tax cut ultimately left more money in the hands of middle America, and began an economic boom the likes of which resulted in the lowest unemployment of almost all classes, with increased wages, and long-term jobs.

His pushback on the prior administrations mass exodus away from fossil fuels restored clean-burning, low cost energy making the United States energy independent for the first time in modern history.

He stood literally against the world in his withdrawal from the Paris Climate accords, causing the movement to be severely hamstrung.

He pulled foreign nations kicking and screaming to the negotiating table to restructure trade deals which may lead to massive prosperity for the US.

He returned manufacturing to the United States in his Make America Great campaign to de-incentivize foreign manufacturing.

He rebuilt a moth-balled US military in 2 years to a global superpower without equal.

He stemmed to flow of illegal immigration prosecuting illicit drug trafficking and human and sex trafficking with the construction of the southern wall.

He has appointed, as of this writing, more than 200 Federal Court justices, along with 2 Supreme Court Justices, and is on track to have appointed 300 by the end of his first term.

He has staunchly supported the right to life and the pro-life movement being the first ever sitting US president to attend a March for Life event in Washington DC.

He has been a strong supporter of minority communities, receiving many accolades prior to his political career from none other than the likes of Jesse Jackson Jr and Al Sharpton. After his ascent he has worked to reform our prison system 3 strikes rule seeing to the release of many minor offenders who had been sitting forgotten in prisons for decades.

He secured the release of foreign captives including Pastors in Turkey.

He confronted North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un even going so far as setting foot in North Korea to work to stop nuclear testing in the rogue state.

He moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem thereby acknowledging the right of Israel to its historical capitol.

He orchestrated a middle east peace deal, which is unfolding at this moment, the likes of which has perhaps never been seen before.


So how or better yet, why has this man been so able to command the attention and gain leadership of the world in such a short time? It seems almost supernatural.

The potential answer may come as s surprise to you, but to those of us with an understanding of the biblical worldview, we see the mercy of a Creator God toward His Creation in waking them up to a faded reality. As we saw in the biblical account of the book of Judges there were many times when ancient Israel would fall away from their relationship to The Living God, becoming servants of the surrounding nations until God raised up a “judge”, someone to confront the national enemy and call the people back to returning to The Lord. The judges were of various sorts from brash young immoral men to the timid and seemingly unsuitable, to women, and even aged grandfathers. But the same reality rang true, when God raised them up, they won a great victory and caused Israel to prosper for a little while during their time of leadership.


Are we seeing this happen again to The United States of America? Maybe, or maybe it’s just a wild man who is the figurehead of the natural boomerang response to dramatic societal change.

Each of us can decide for ourselves, but one day we will know the truth.