Wolves STILL kill children in India

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Man-eating wolves terrorize Indian villages


July 22, 1997
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From Correspondent Gary Strieker

UTTAR PRADESH, India — What happened to 10-year-old Manwatisounds like a nightmare.

But the small child has the scars to prove a vicious wolf really did snatch her from her bed and attempt to eat her.

A man says he heard Manwati cry out and hurried to see what was causing the alarm. What he saw was the shadow of a creature dropping the girl and disappearing in the night.


Manwati’s mother gives thanks to God for saving her child, but in the next village another mother is grieving.

This woman’s 5-year-old daughter was sleeping next to her in bed when she was taken by a wolf and devoured. In a nearby field, a few small bones and a bloody nightdress were all that remained.

Around these villages in the grasslands of Northern India, the wolves are seldom seen, but they hunt small children.

vxtremeCNN’s Gary Strieker reports from Uttar Pradesh, India

It started last year in a neighboring district, where wolves killed more than 50 children. So far this year, in the villages along the lone river, at least seven small victims have died. Others, like Manwati, have survived the vicious attacks.

Protected killers

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