Biblical Creation – as a Scientific Theory

by May 16, 2013Christian Discipleship, Creation, Spiritual, Worldview Wars

Biblical Creation—Truly, a Theory of Everything (ToE)

Why Christians have a better explanation of the world than secular humanists
by Marc Ambler

Do we Christians who accept the biblical account of creation know how blessed we are? We have something (actually many things) that no other group in the world have, a theory of everything, something that humanism has long sought. This is not the same as claiming we know everything, but we do have a framework within which everything in this universe; personal, physical and spiritual, fits. Most of us when assembling a jigsaw puzzle begin with the easy or obvious parts, the corners and edges with the straight sides. Once this is done, it just becomes so much easier to fit the other pieces and to spot pieces that have been mixed in from other puzzles. The Bible is like this; it gives us an overall framework of interpretation of the world around us, and allows us to fit all the pieces that come our way into that framework. All the big questions (pieces of the overall puzzle)—Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Why is the world as it is, socially and physically?—find a comfortable fit within this framework. Even other political, economic and scientific facts fit perfectly into the ‘big picture’ given us by God in the Scriptures.

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