What you believe about our origins has a dramatic impact on where you may end up eternally. There is no question that humans have an inner yearning for the divine though atheists make every effort to deny the fact. The Bible makes incredible statements about origins that are in direct opposition to what secular, humanistic (atheistic, or godless) science claims.

“in consideration of the cosmos the order of the universe which I with my limited human mind am able to conceive, yet there are those who say there is no God, what makes me really angry is when they quote me in support of such views.”

— Albert Einstein

If we accept that God exists and that He has made claims by way of His Spirit speaking through men in the ancient writings included within the Bible then what He says is the only true source of truth and ultimate reality.

Open your mind and prepare to be amazed.



The recent debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Hamm of the Creation Institute:


And the Dinosaurs are actually young: