Former Atheist Scientist Explains the Supremacy of Christianity

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In my eighth year [of life] I read every book on physics and astronomy I could find in our school library. The next year I began to do the same in the children’s section of the Vancouver Public Library. . . . At age ten I had exhausted the science resources of the children’s and youth sections of the Vancouver Public Library and was granted a pass to the adult section. . . . By age fifteen, I came to understand that some form of the big bang provided the only reasonable explanation for the universe. If the universe arose out of a big bang, it must have had a beginning. If it had a beginning, it must have a Beginner. From that point on, I never doubted God’s existence.21

— Dr Hugh Ross

NOTE disclaimer:

As a note please understand that Dr Ross, while an eminent scientist and researcher, embraces what is known as the “Day-age” theory of beginnings, as distinct from the biblical 6 day creation as explained within the biblical framework. This is NOT the view of but just testimony is still considered valuable on some level, primarily regarding his personal journey of faith in God.

We must realize that his early childhood and framework for cosmology is deeply rooted in secular science.

We at prefer a more literal biblical interpretation which is difficult for many scientists to justify and reconcile with known natural laws, but we see the entire act of creation occurring within the framework of 6, common, 24 hour days.


Here is an explanation of another viewpoint and critique of Dr Ross:
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