Genetic Re-Animation – Happening NOW in Texas!

by Feb 1, 2023News in General

Scientists Are Reincarnating the Woolly Mammoth to Return Very Soon!

Colossal, a Dallas-based biotech company, is on a mission to revive the long-dead woolly mammoth from extinction by 2027. With an additional $60 million in funding obtained last year, they have set out to recreate this ancient beast through gene-editing techniques. This endeavor is part of their effort to combat climate change by reintroducing the woolly mammoth into its original habitat in order to restore balance and health in the Arctic ecosystem.

The DNA of a woolly mammoth is 99.6 percent similar to that of an Asian elephant, giving Colossal scientists confidence that they can realistically achieve their ambitious goal. The plan is to edit genes responsible for making cold-resistant traits, then insert these modified genes into an African elephant embryo so that it can give birth to a new and improved version of the extinct animal. After birth, the creature will then be released with other members of its species into regions of the Arctic where it can reinforce local plant life with its specialized migration patterns and diet habits.