Homosexuality and the Power of The Gospel

by Jul 8, 2015Forgiveness, Health and Wellness, Homosexuality, Jesus Christ, Manhood, Marriage, Worldview Wars

It would be like a group of Adulterers got together to change the definition of marriage to include them…so that they wouldn’t be discriminated against (shamed) or lose their financial benefits, or have to split their estates etc.

Let me be crystal clear, regardless of how many laws are passed or justices rule It is never “loving” to tell a gay person that what they are doing is OK with The Lord. And we should never treat any homosexual person meanly, in the same way that we should accept an adulterer, slanderer, gossip, murderer, liar, cheat, etc. in daily discourse and living we should be holy examples of love and faith drawing all toward the love of Jesus Christ by our kindness and tolerance, while speaking the truth in love about our common bondage to sinfulness that can be healed through the power of Jesus Christ.

The Best thing we can do for anyone enslaved in the bondage of sin is to point them to Jesus Christ! But we should do this in gentleness and love, begging them to become rightly related to Jesus where there is free acceptance, grace, love and most importantly mercy for ALL of US who sin. The clincher is that when we come to Christ we must leave our life of futility, changing our minds to think the same way as He does.

The worst thing we can do is say to anyone who sins that what they do is OK, or that they can’t help it so they may as well keep doing it. We urge one another to change our thinking (repent) about such things in order to struggle against our personal sin, and are taught by Jesus that through His mighty power we can “learn obedience” by suffering and ceasing the sinful activity.

Make no mistake a full 70 percent of people who have claimed to have had homosexual tendencies have come out of it and gone on to lead healthy lives.
(Read the full story with data to support this position here)

There is real freedom for all who trust and believe in the transforming power of Jesus Christ!

Why not start the journey today…?