Is a Christian America Good for the World?

by Nov 30, 2012Christianity & America, Spiritual, Worldview Wars

Recently my uncle sent me a powerpoint (attached below) explaining that we in America are so incredibly wealthy compared to the rest of the world and it made me wonder why would everyone want to destroy America when, in my view, the best thing would be to have the world come up to where we are.

Why is it that all of the richest people live in the US?
Why do we currently possess the strongest military might the world has known?
Why is it that our poor are actually “rich” by the world’s standard?

The blessing and Light of Almighty God is why this nation is great. Other cultures fail directly because of the darkness they live under spiritually, having rejected God’s ways by choice or having been darkened through deceptive spiritual (read: wicked supernatural forces). When I read thru the bible I see over and over again that God blesses a good and moral nation and he destroys a wicked and evil nation that rejects him and is filled with corruption. There is this concept in Christianity that Jesus is “the Light of the world” and that wherever the Gospel has been proclaimed AND EMBRACED there has been great light and freedom realized. The sad reality is that when a political leader wants to make us like other nations he really means bringing us down to their level. Spreading the wealth around by means of looting the rich. When we should be casting the vision of greatness and living out our mandate as a city set on a hill, and the “last great hope for mankind”. Now this hope is not found in ourselves or anything that we inherently posses, but rather is found in our submission to the Gospel of the true Kingdom which is found exclusively in Jesus Christ.

Sadly many within our own nation vehemently oppose this concept. They have a misguided worldview that prefers the creation, nature, snail darter, spotted owl over people and so are willing to sacrifice people’s betterment for the cause of saving a certain aspect of nature. Therefore they oppose drilling offshore for oil, drilling onshore for oil, cutting down acres of standing timber, I see it all from my house – they haven’t logged in years around here and as a result the deer and elk herds that live on clear cutting have dwindled. But the forests sure look beautiful to the executives lounging in the sterility of Seattle’s Columbia Center. These people oppose the command of God to “be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it” rather than to live in the faith that there is a loving God who wants us to responsibly use (manage/subdue) our world for the benefit of its people.

So as a result we heap onerous burdens by means of endless regulations that increase costs for “using”, and thereby prohibit the use of God has made available for our benefit! Then we complain that businesses run to foreign countries to get the same products manufactured cheaper!

Make no mistake a Christian worldview is our only hope…When people say “Christ is the answer” they are truly correct. We need to get the bible back in the classroom to preserve future generations for Christ. If we continue to turn away we will see our greatness handed off to China or some other emerging Christian nation (China now boasts the largest Christian population in the world).

This world is meant for us to use and manage for the best use. back in the late 1800’s a guy wrote a book claiming that the world would overpopulate and starve to death in the near future. That was just before the “improved plow” was invented which revolutionized farming! God has a plan for mankind. And for people without a sound understanding of His love for them they live lives full of fear of what will happen if we don’t stop global warming (Al Gore), or curb population growth (Bill Gates), they see this world with all of its limitations. But the Creator God has no limitations. He wants us to “be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it” as His first command to Adam. Our job is to trust Him and live productive lives and see what great things can come. Just think of the great improvements in the world there have been in just the last 150 years!

We need to encourage others to stop living lives filled with fear. Who knows but that one of the 50 million aborted children since Roe v Wade may have been the one who would have come up with a technology to harness lightning and power the world! Or maybe a cure for aids, or cancer, or obesity, or maybe undersea or galactic civilizations!

We are THE greatest nation to have ever yet lived and not because of anything within ourselves but simply because we have sought to make a nation founded on Christian concepts of God ordained rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (read: ownership of property) that set its people fully free Рfreedom to be creative and produce incredible things! BUT Not free to live impure lives, as those who would  pervert the first amendment claim, while they display lewdness or indecency, but to live free from the slavery to sinful actions which destroy peoples lives.

People are extremely religious at heart
Even the most ardent atheist is “religious” in his ‘faith” in the creation story of the big band and Darwinian evolution, the proof is found when you try and reason with them about an alternative concept, ie: biblical creation or even intelligent design.

God spends the whole of our existence trying to reveal Himself to the people that He has created…
And this is also why we must stand up against all forms of worldviews which are alien to the Christian worldview. The sad reality is that all cultures are not created equal and they must not be allowed to be mixed into our worldview. For instance should we embrace Shariah law? Recent supreme court justice Elena Kagen believes we should she facilitated the Islamic Finance project at Harvard Law. But much of it stands in direct opposition to Judeo-Christian ethics, simply because both systems worship different Gods…they cannot be reconciled. There must be a master. And believe me Islam, in its fullness, will be subject to no one.

May God Bless America and may he spread her holy ways (not her bad ways) to the rest of mankind,

You can view the powerpoint here: Lightning in a Jar