Is Carbon Dioxide Good or Bad for the Earth? Where Is Climate Change Activism Leading Us?

by Oct 7, 2022News in General

The Diametric Lie of the Climate Agneda

As a Christ-follower the earth is The Lord’s and everything that He had originally created was “Good” according to the Genesis account, however the earth is being polluted, and anyone who destroys the earth will be destroyed as it says in the Book of Revelation.

So supporting the current activism struggling against human-made global climate change is a good Christian-backed position to have.

Or is it?

What if the “pollution” of the earth had more to do with the actions of people individually rather than simply burning a lot of carbon? When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden they began a slow and horrible degradation of the “good” earth that God had created. As Paul states, “…death entered through man…” so also life enters through a man Jesus Christ. They started a process scientists might call the second law of thermodynamics, or the pesky tendancy for things left alone to degrade over time rather than to improve.

In the Old testament God condemned the people living in Cannan because of their sinful actions, things like; seeking other gods, burning their kids in the hope of better crops, immorality, etc, and sent Joshua to destroy all living there in order to cleanse the land of those specific evil people.

Were you aware that carbon dioxide, C02 is actually a beneficial part of growing more plants, bigger plants and stronger healthier plants?

Did you also know that currently the world C02 levels are hovering around 400 parts per million, (ppm).

AND did you know that professional plant growers actually ADD large amounts of carbon dioxide to their grow operations in order to foster bigger, stronger, healthier plants.

And finally ask any school child and they’ll tell you that when a plant grows it releases a by-product that humans need, called oxygen!

I have provided some potentially alarming information in the links below. Feel free to share and challenge your friends and neighbors with it.

Do you want to save the earth?

Tell them about what Jesus did to save each of us from our singful actions, that anyone who believes in Jesus can be saved eternally. That there is everlasting peace with God through the man Jesus Christ!


 In the image below you’ll see the growth chart for a plant under similar conditions except for a higher amount of C02.
Currently we are at the 350 to 500ppm stage on earth and the Climat Agenda wants to make everyone in the world pay taxes to reduce this amount.

Rather than greening the earth they would make it a desert.